Zaiylee, always focused on providing quality fashion at affordable prices. We want our customers to feel empowered and self-confident when they wear our clothing.


Infinite Style Creations

At times you can feel boxed in or limited by the types and variety of styles. We believe it is important to find/create your own style that projects your personality. Don't be bound by limitations, and find the outfit that accentuates your body-type and makes you feel confident.

Brand Identity

Retailers sometimes get caught-up in the daily grind of making money. We want something more substantial and meaningful. It is not enough to sell a product, we have to know that we have provided a service. A service of finding that unique top, stylish dress or the perfect sized plus size outfit. We want to know what works for you and what doesn't so that we can provide better styles and better fits. While we understand there is no way to please everyone, but we are willing to try.


We are not tied to any specific brand or manufacturer which allows us to bring you the very best at the very lowest price. It is not the name but the quality of the item. Sourcing quality fabrics and trendy styles feed our free-spirit gypsy style. We do feature our own designs, but we don't push any particular brand in our store.


We love hearing from our customers. We enjoy the collaboration between our customers and buyers, which makes us a stronger more grounded company.

Gears of Design

We are a fairly new company, launched in 2013. We have an eBay store where we sell the majority of our items. We wanted to move away from the grind of corporate and branch out on our own. Gears are always moving, and usually in conjunction with other gears. We feel that we want to design our own gear and have it move in the direction we desire.