Winter Wedding

The impending risk of snow, becomes an actuality, every winter; transporting my thoughts to a wintry wedding. The guest may object, but the free food and alcohol will quiet their protest. This is my day on my terms with the man that I love waiting for me at the end of a very short isle. The guest sit mesmerized, this day torn from the pages of a fashion magazine.

Light snowflakes fluttering weightlessly with jealous fingers caressing bare shoulders clinging for a moment only to fade away. White strapless dress, a long glittering train, shimmering contrast breathlessly beautiful. Excitement and shivers entangled in anticipation of this long awaited day. The sun is shining bright a reflecting on the snow like twinkling stars. There for others to wish upon.

Snow and ice nuzzles between the soft petals of the rose bouquet. This perfect day, awakening in my man an emotional response that melts your heart.

Wedding Guest Dresses

Rainbow Stripe Wrap Dress
Wedding Guest Dress
Sheer Inset
Wedding Guest Dress
Tie Back
Wedding Guest Dresses (Plus Size)
Scuba Crepe Dress
Bodycon Midi Dress
Wedding Guest Dresses
Fit Flare

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